Hamara Sugam release Party

Hey everyone! I was waiting for this weekend so as to attend the release party of Hamara Sugam 2.0 (Namaste), a linux distribution. I get to know about this from the meetup page of ILUG-D and LinuxChix India. I was following their events for last few months and came across this. The name of the distribution itself is so fascinating and different that I was eager to know more about it. I was excited to know about it from the actual founder and main contributors of the project.

The Beginning

I reached the event on time. There were few people at the time but soon, the room was full. According to the schedule,  our first session was to be taken by Vikas Tara, the founder of Hamara Linux, remotely from UK. We all were excited to listen to him. Initially, there were some technical problems but soon they(organisers) managed to solve it. He was thrilled to see so many people. He started with his small experience on how did he come up with this project idea. So, the story is like this

Once, he went to a shop to buy a laptop(specifically Macbook). But, when the shopkeeper showed him the machine(laptop), Vikas said that he only want the machine and not software. The shopkeeper was amazed and  said “You must be one of those linux guys”(lol).

Well, the shopkeeper understood very well. He is a linux guy, just like us. Vikas felt that even if he buys the machine, he would be restricted to use it in a pre-defined manner. So he thought of building something which belongs to us and came up with the “Hamara Linux” project. The name shows his intentions very clearly. To the people who might not know, “Hamara” is a hindi word which means that something belongs to us. So, he gathered all open-source enthusiasts and begins with the project which has now brought up its 2.0 release. Amazing, isn’t it?

Soon, as he completed with the small conversation, we all bid him goodbye and continued with the follow up sessions. The next session was a presentation by Shivani Bhardwaj on the features of Hamara Sugam desktop. Some of the features she shared:

  • The Hamara Sugam release uses the Calamares installer. They have tried with other installers also like Ubiquity(default installer of Ubuntu), Debian Installer, but at last they come up with this distribution-independent installer.
  • It uses Material theme for Hamara Sugam desktop and Paper theme for the icons.
  • They have used Generic names for the applications
  • They used the updated linux kernel 4.16 in their new release.

In the end she shared wikis links for references. You can find it here.

The next talk led by Raju Dev, who has worked on the integration of Calamares installer specifically. He shared the repositories which contains the source code. You can find them here. He explained how he experimented with other installers, however he got the success with the Calamares installer only. I was new to these things so it fascinated me a lot.

As soon as it ends, we had a lunch and networking break. We enjoyed the lunch break and meet with other people out there. People there were discussing about the web series “Sacred Games”(duh! everyone knew about it except me).

After the lunch break, Manas Kashyap took the stage, who has contributed to the Hamara Docker Containers. He explained that earlier he has contributed to Debian packaging and then he started with building Docker containers for Hamara. He also shared that it still needs the improvement as its size is large. He asked the interested contributors to take up the task and contribute to the project. As soon as he finished his talk, Sagar came up with another small discussion on to bring more GTK based applications and plans for upcoming GNOME based Hamara Svastik release. If you are new to the terms like GTK and GNOME(just like me!), there is a small explanation over here. In the end, Shivani and Raju talked about the upcoming plans of Hamara Linux project.

Yay! Cake Cutting Ceremony

Well, the most awaited part of any release party would be cake cutting, though everyone thinks to eat only (lol). After the cake cutting, it was distributed among all enthusiasts over there.


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-17 at 1.21.58 PM

When we’re all done with filling our tummy, there held a small quiz-round. So, the rules were simple. A question would be asked and whoever raises the hand first would get a chance to answer the question. If the person gives the right answer, s/he would win a Hamara T-shirts(great prize, huh!). Though, I got a chance to answer one of the small question, I wasn’t right exactly. So, I missed it. But it was fun seeing people taking an active participation.

On the final note, everyone took a group photo and then we all left. We were given a small gift. Finally, I got something(just kidding).


Can you find me in the picture? Well, maybe yes or no,  but I am there. Let me know if you get it where I am in the comments below. It was an amazing experience. I feel so happy to share it with you all. What do you think about this new distribution? Let me know this also in the comments.

For now bidding you goodbye!

Be curious and keep learning.


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