Why should you write a blog?

Does the topic seem boring to you? Indeed the answer to this question looks simple and easy. But do we know all the possible perspectives to this question? This can only be possible only when we ask many people out there about this. Rather than asking every person individually, there is a much better way to do this. You know this, don’t you? Yes, blogging. Well, instead you go to everyone and ask the same question, you can write a blog over it and ask the people through it. Of course, one of the main advantage of internet is to connect people across different parts of the world, belongs to different diversities. So, why not use it? So, this comes out to be one of the answer to our question.

So, few days back we were told to write blogs in our DGPLUG summer training. Though I have already started writing blogs, I wasn’t regular. Maybe because I lack motivation to write. I sometimes used to write just for the sake of doing things. But, when you realize that how much importance it has, and how can it change the way you look at the things; the way you learn things; the way to memorize them, you get motivation to do it. So, I came up with few things that might motivate you, to write a blog.

  • Your identity

It becomes your identity on the web. Your blog reflects your nature; your knowledge; your personality. Even if the person would’ve never met you but s/he can guess what kind of person you would be. You would find every other person who is famous for his work, having a personal or professional blog.

  • A log to refer

It helps you to keep record to what you are doing. So suppose, you go on a vacation and after returning you want to resume your work. So you can refer to your blog and catch up with your work from where you left. So, it helps you to maintains a log of whatever  you are doing. This needs you to write regularly. Through this you also measure your growth and how much you are improving.

  • A better understanding

You get a deep understanding of what you are writing about. So, suppose if you have to teach someone, of course you would go prepared with the topic so that you can handle any doubt. Same goes for writing. You learn and understand topics in a way so that you can write about it in your words without any uncertainty.

  • Feedback matters

You improve yourself. Well, you might want to know how? Since, you are posting your blog over the web so that everyone can see it. When people find your post helpful they appreciate through the comments and in the same way if they find any mistake or errors, they tell you that too, through comments. This way you get feedback and with each feedback you improve and do better every next time.

  • You get a command over language

Many people don’t have English as their native language and it is the language which is accepted for professional communication. So, we need to get command over the language. I often do silly mistakes while writing. I do typos, grammar mistakes and sometimes I don’t get words to write. But when you write you search for the words; before posting you proof-read your post. This way we improve our writing skills and vocabulary and in all we get more comfortable with the language.

  • Dive into reading

Very first step to write something, is to read something. We often read something to get a better understanding of what we are going to write about. So, this way we get a reading habit which is very crucial and has an equal importance as that of writing. Just like, Jasonbraganza(one of our mentors in DGPLUG summer training) always refers to the beautiful quote said by Junot Diaz:

Read more than you write, live more than you read.

  • A platform to reach out

When you start writing a blog, you create a platform for people to reach out to you. You present your thoughts, your views, your learnings which might be helpful to a lot of others out there. So,  in a way you help society and believe me, they would be as eager to help you when you need them.

In Open source community, we help out each other in any way we can. We share what we know and spread our learnings. Through blogging you make it much easier to help.

Is it easy to write a blog?

Oh no! what have you asked me? That’s the most difficult question. I am not much experienced enough to answer this question. However, on the basis of experience I have gotten till now, I can tell a bit. Well, it wasn’t easy for me when I started to write. But it is much easier now. You wanna know how?

Well the answer to this is consistency. Being consistent in any work, indeed improves the quality and efficiency of it. So does for writing. It might seem difficult at first; might take much longer time to write your first blog post. But just don’t leave it. Start with small. Of course, it would take time to improve, but if you are persistent then it’s not hard to achieve. You have to do these three things only. Do you know what are those three things? I think you do, yes those are Read, read and read. And whatever you read, try to synopsize it in your blog post.

Now you might ask, from where should I start? There are many platforms which provide you with almost everything(with everything I mean the whole website structure). You can go to wordpress, blogspot, medium, et al. You just need to write the content and click that Publish button and that’s all. You are good to go.


In the end, I would say that just start writing. I hope that somewhere I was helpful to motivate you and to convince you to start writing. Meet you next time.


  1. https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/blogging.html

Be curious and keep learning!


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