“I know what you’re going to do this summer 18”- DGPLUG

Hey buddies! How’s everything going? Hope you are enjoying your summer. Well, I wanna share how my summer is going on. You might have some doubt about the title like what is this DGPLUG? or something like this. Well, have some patience and carry on reading.

Unveiling the suspense

So have you ever heard of DGPLUG. No worries, if you haven’t I am here to tell you. Every nerd who is fascinated by the world of open source, wants to learn upstream contribution and get acquainted with the F/OSS world. Open source contains within it a large ocean of different technologies and methodologies which takes time to learn. In the end we come across so many things which we never heard of.

So, for us who are just beginner in open source and looking for a reliable source to learn open source contribution, DGPLUG comes out to be that source. DGPLUG stands for DurGaPur Linux Users’ Group. This year it has brought its 11th edition. It’s been providing online training for last 10 years. The training is of about three months and you know what? It’s totally free. I get to know about this training from my fellow-mates. DGPLUG conducts its training on IRC(Internet Relay Chat) in #dgplug channel.

My learnings till now

I was unaware of IRC earlier, so as soon as I get to know that the training is going to be held on IRC, I get familiar with it and registered my nick on it. This year the training has begun on 17 June 2018 and it’s been two weeks since then.

In only two weeks, I have learned a bunch of new things and unlearned a bunch of old things and learned them again. What? Did I say unlearn? Well yes, to clear the anonymity of some topics, sometimes we need to forget what we have learned. I was also unaware of mailing lists, so I get to know about them and subscribed to DGPLUG mailing list. Regular sessions are conducted on different topics everyday. Till now, we have learned:

  • Communication guidelines and mailing list etiquette

We have been introduced to basic communication guidelines, how one should speak in professional communication. One shouldn’t use SMS language and should do homework before asking any question and much more. Also, on the mailing list one should do the bottom posting and not the top posting.

  • Basic introduction to GNU/Linux and FHS(File Hierarchy  System)

We have been taught the basic terminologies of Linux systems and concepts of FHS, mainly from LYM(Linux command line for You and Me).

  • Taking our privacy seriously

One should not be careless while concerning to his/her privacy.  We understood the importance of privacy and watched some related documentaries:

  1. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

  2. Citizenfour


Each of them has wonderfully depicted its message. We learned how to make threat-model and use of password managers and password generating tools such as diceware.

  • The importance of blogging

This was my favorite session, where we were taught the importance of blogging and how blogging affects your way of learning. Not only you should write about what you are learning but also your experiences, your aspects about something. It doesn’t build only your technical profile but it also becomes your identity on the web.

For blog, you must read. This is something which takes time but as soon as one gets into the habit of reading, it becomes much easier to write.

  • Experiences of renowned open-source enthusiasts

While there were regular sessions, we also get opportunity to listen to some industry people in guest sessions. There have been three guest sessions till now with Harish Pillay, Nicholas H. Tollervey and Praveen Arimbrathodiyil. Each of them has shared some valuable thoughts. We also got opportunity to ask our questions and get their descent views on them.

Well, I just tried to summarize the learning of two weeks in a few points only. There is more to each of them. You can join the training any time you want. Just go register yourself on IRC and join #dgplug channel anytime. The session usually starts at 7 pm. Though go through the IRC logs of these two weeks so that you can catch up with all of us. You will find two links for each day, one with the textual format and one with the HTML format. You can go with anyone whichever you find suitable.

I am thankful to all the mentors who take out their valuable time and guide newbies like us. That’s it for this blog post! Meet you in the next one or maybe in #dgplug.

Till then, Be curious and keep learning!



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