Python testing with pytest

Testing plays a crucial role in software development. Testing each part of code as you write it, is considered a good habit. Passing tests builds confidence that you haven’t accidentally broke the already working code. Continue reading “Python testing with pytest”


Mock Testing in Python

Heya! I’ve been busy with my exams for some time. Though that doesn’t imply that I didn’t learn anything new. I have learned something crucial, something which plays an important role if you are writing a good piece of code and that something is known as testing. Testing in python can be done in various ways but this post will be dedicated to use mocks in python. Continue reading “Mock Testing in Python”

How to post on LinkedIn via its API using Python?

Hey folks! This time we are going to play with LinkedIn API. Well, we all know what APIs are used for. Don’t we? Of course we do. Though in case you don’t, just go through this article once and you’ll understand what APIs are. Continue reading “How to post on LinkedIn via its API using Python?”

YAML 101

Writing configuration files has become much easier as we had come across YAML. YAML is a recursive acronym stands for YAML Ain’t Markup Language. But guess what? Initially it was said to mean Yet Another Markup Language but then it was repurposed as to become data oriented rather than being document markup. In short, YAML is a human readable data serialization language. Continue reading “YAML 101”

How to install Docker on Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE)

There are very probable chances that you might come across using Docker in your tech lifetime. This time it was I learning this. But before anything, you’d need to install Docker on your machine. And this is the part where I got stuck. So I thought writing a small post for other people who might face the same thing would help. Continue reading “How to install Docker on Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE)”

Chasing JSON-LD – Part II

JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data popularly known as JSON-LD is a lightweight syntax to inject Linked Data into JSON so that it can be widely used in web applications and can be parsed by JSON storage engines.

This post is in continuation of the previous post which describes the basics of JSON-LD and will contain more of its features and concepts. I’ll recommend you to go through that for an easy understanding. Well then, let’s get started. Continue reading “Chasing JSON-LD – Part II”

What are APIs?

Howdy fellows! What’s up?
So, I wanted to start with REST API framework offered by Django. But before I moved any step forward, I realized that I don’t know what an API is. And that’s where I went into the world of API. Yes, there is an other world of APIs where they do everything in their own way, they talk, they walk their own way. Continue reading “What are APIs?”