It’s never too late!

Hey there everyone! It’s me again after a long gap.

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Interactive Rebase

Git rebase has an interactive mode which helps you in rough times while working with git. You might come across situations where you have to alter what you’ve already committed. Interactive rebase provides us with tools and functions which helps us to do such things. Continue reading

Get to know reStructuredText (reST)

While documenting our project, we often use Markdown syntax and save the file with .md extension. But have you ever noticed any repository which has something different? Yeah! in README file. Do you always see .md extension? Well, I first encountered with reStructuredText when I saw a repository containing .rst extension for README instead of .md. I was bit confused about what could it be, so I started searching about it and my curiosity lead me to the concept of reST. Continue reading

How to resolve grub error: file ‘/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found

Heya! Hope you all are doing well. Me too. So, today I am gonna share something amazing and insightful. I have attended a meetup held by LinuxChix last Sunday. So after the talks, there held a chaos engineering session. Even though I hadn’t attended any session like this before, I was eager to experience these things myself. Because whenever I do something on my system, I am always very careful in case it doesn’t run into any system failures. So, this was a golden opportunity for me. Continue reading

Hamara Sugam release Party

Hey everyone! I was waiting for this weekend so as to attend the release party of Hamara Sugam 2.0 (Namaste), a linux distribution. I get to know about this from the meetup page of ILUG-D and LinuxChix India. I was following their events for last few months and came across this. The name of the distribution itself is so fascinating and different that I was eager to know more about it. I was excited to know about it from the actual founder and main contributors of the project. Continue reading

Why should you write a blog?

Does the topic seem boring to you? Indeed the answer to this question looks simple and easy. But do we know all the possible perspectives to this question? This can only be possible only when we ask many people out there about this. Rather than asking every person individually, there is a much better way to do this. You know this, don’t you? Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Markdown

Howdy fellows!

I hope your learning are going well. Well mine too. If you remember while creating the repository on Github, we have initialized it with a file We know the actual motive of making this file. The file contains the information and details about our repository or project. But have you focused on the “.md” extension the file has. What does it mean? Continue reading